scarf orange b

Bird of Paradise Tropical scarf 90x90cm

birds of paradise final

Bird of Paradise Calypso scarf 90x90cm

sunflower scarf final

bees, Sunflowers and marching ants, scarf 90x90cm

sweet pea scarf

Sweet pea scarf 90x90cm

duck scarf

Exotic Ducks scarf 90x90cm

florwer scarf

Floral Birds Scarf 90x90cm

crane scarf

African Crowned Crane scarf 90x90cm

red panda scarf

Red Panda Fox scarf 90x90cm

pelcian scarf

Pelicans scarf 90x90cm

mantis scarf

Dean leaf mantis scarf 

moth scarfj

Dead hawk head moth scarf

feather scarf

Qual Print scarf

© All content, designs, images and text copyright ©Katrina McLaughlin 2014


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