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Digital Futures Motion projection Butterflies

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Throughout history, different cultures and societies have worn masks for a variety of functions and purposes. Our true identity is often hidden beneath the mask we wear, as they provide a position of safety as we hide our anxieties behind masks of power and security. This project by Chris Chippindale, Richard Evans and Katrina McLaughlin explores the virtual world as we wear layers of masks in our daily lives through social media and the internet, such that if one is removed, the true self is not found beneath, but just another mask. Using motion tracking and projection mapping technology, we have developed a virtual mask that will project an animation onto the face disguising the person beneath the moving image allowing them to transform and express themselves beyond human emotions. 

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As the current populous neglects their own well-being and portrays a false sense of self on social networks, this project by James Condon and Katrina McLaughlin looks at the movement, motion and mapping of the human mind through the use of heavily based technology of motion capture, experimental film techniques and projection versus the values of eastern and western cultures, symbols and iconography.

This simulation shows how the widely successful mobile app market can be used to enrich our lives through mindfulness and give a harmony to our aspirations that we measure against the successes of others.

This programme is designed to show a positive and realistic point of view on our lives rather than show a reality that is tainted by a futuristic augmentation of what we should be expecting of ourselves at this moment in time

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